f(x) Amber And Girls Generation Sooyoung Write Heartbreaking Goodbye Letters To Jonghyun


Sm Entertainment fellow artists have said their final goodbyes to Jonghyun on the morning of December 21st.

Among the attendees were Girls Generation Sooyoung, the idol was known for being close to her, the two were born in 1990.

After a tearful last goodbye, Sooyoung took to Instagram to bid one last farewell to the amazing singer, she said,

“The voice that I heard next door in the basement practice made me feel proud, it had eventually become a voice that filled up such huge stadiums. You worked so hard.

I’ve been sitting on the other side; my eyes were set on you for a long time. I didn’t want to be act like a sunbae who knew it all, so I didn’t really say anything to say…. But I should have.

I have always admired you, I was also envious and shy. You were a precious human being to all of us, its such a shame you’re gone, but what more can I say?

You did well, and you worked really hard.”

F(x) Amber has also paid a tribute to the late singer, the two were known to be close buds, she wrote,

“I was able to laugh because of you.

Thanks to your advice, I was able to dry my tears.

And thanks to your courage, I could gain courage.

When I was embarrassed, you didn’t judge me. You tried your best to understand my imperfect Korean and embraced me.

I was actually very proud when people joked that we were twins. I wanted to become a great person like you… thank you.

I am so thankful I was able to be your dongsaeng (little sister).

I will become the ‘Amber’ you can be proud of. Jjong, you did well. I love you.”

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