CL Opens Up About How She Truly Felt When Minzy Left 2NE1

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Prepare your tissues blackjacks, this is going to be a tough video to watch!

CL has made another variety show appearance on tvN’s “Livin’ the Double Life.” A show dedicated into taking a look at how idols truly get by behind all the glamour and shining cameras.

The show took some time to reflect on CL’s career back when she debuted as a part of the notorious 2NE1. The clip shows how much she’s transitioned over the years into the sexy woman she is today.

Minzy had left 2NE1 back in early 2016, and in November of that same year YG announced that the group is disbanding and later revealed that the group is releasing one final goodbye song to fans.

The song called “Goodbye” felt like the proper closure 2NE1 and their fans needed. CL revealed that she actually wrote the lyrics to that song in 10 minutes, she added,

“Back then the fans were on my mind as well. But there were words I wanted to say to Minzy. It was a letter that I wrote to her.”

She then continued to share her thoughts on Minzy and said,

“It must’ve been so hard on her. I hope that she’s happy, I am cheering you on, and if you plan to fly on your own, I hope you do well… show me what you got.”

The idol also choked while talking about her feelings after the group she’s been with for so long disbanded, she said,

“Personally, it was hard for me, I was the group’s leader from a young age. It felt like I had this strange responsibility on my shoulders. I wanted to go all the way.”

Check out the full clip below.

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