BTS, one of Kpop’s most successful boy groups of this time continues to break records and set new ones with their accomplishment.

Going up against Justin Bieber and Donald Trump, BTS and their fandom stood a fighting chance and actually won it. The Kpop group is 2017’s most engaged with twitter account.

Among their biggest contenders; Justin Bieber (with more than 104 million follwers) and Donald Trump (more than 44.9 millions); while BTS has 11.2 million followers, their fandom is far more engaging than any other twitter account according to Bloomberg News.

The group has been retweeted and or liked more than 502 million times in 2017, Bieber has only been liked or retweeted 22 million times and Trump 213 million this year.

BTS has also been crowned twitter’s most tweeted about celebrity for 2017.

Congrats BTS~

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