Yoon Gyun Sang Is On The Run In New “Doubtful Victory” Stills


The upcoming anticipated SBS drama is less than 2 weeks away.

SBS has released new stills of “Doubtful Victory” featuring the lead runaway prisoner Oh Il Seung (played by Yoon Gyun Sang).

Yoon Gyun Sang takes on a different role with his upcoming SBS drama, he plays a runaway prisoner who’s been placed on death row for crimes he never committed.

He gets entangled in a series of events and assumes the identity of a detective called Oh Il Seung. He joins a team of detectives, he tries his best to prove his innocence.

In the newly released stills of the upcoming drama, Oh Il Seung is a scared runaway prisoner, in one photo he can be seen looking anxious, while in another scene he’s pushing around a lifeless body then running away.

“Doubtful Victory” airs its first episode on November 27.


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