Yoo Ah In Stands Up To Himself, Tells Hater To “Get A Life” In Twitter Rant


Actor Yoo Ah In savagely responded to haters comments himself on his twitter account on November 24.

The actor stood up for himself in a serious tweet were he told off haters who kept directing negative derogatory comments towards him, he tweeted,

“I’ll let you in on a great tip. If you don’t like to look at me, then unfollow me, you don’t have to type my name in the search bar. Please live your life. Take care of yourself instead of worrying about me. That’s my wish. I am grateful to all those who gave me the attention you crave.”

In another tweet he added,

“I will play with people who help me and give me strength, you all play among yourselves. Why are you so keen on doing things that makes you uncomfortable? Stop basing your worth on things other say. Get a life!”

The actor also went on a series of tweets calling out haters and even responded to some tweets, sometimes sarcastically and in others seriously.

He also posted a photo telling haters about where the unfollow button for his twitter account is.

Seems like Yoo Ah In has been fed up with negative hate comments directed his way. He also made some comments about feminism, to one twitter user he replied stressing that people must fight for equal rights to all, saying,

“Don’t package your hated and make it look like feminism.”

Happy to see Yoo Ah In stand up for himself!

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