Yang Hyun Suk wasn’t prepared to be this shaken when he visited this agency while looking for new talent for his survival show “Mix Nine.”

On November 12 episode, Taeyang, Noh Hong chul and Yang Hyun Suk visited Music Works, the same label that houses Baek Ji Young and the former 2ne1 member Minzy.

Minzy had signed an exclusive contract with Music Works following her contract expiration with YG Entertainment and has subsequently left the group that later disbanded.

Once YG and Noh Hong chul got to the agency, they were greeted by Baek Ji Young whom they’ve had a conversation with.

Noh Hong chul pointed out that there is a specific artist under this label that has a ‘special connection’ to YG himself.

He said,

“There is an artist in this agency that has a deep connection with YG.”

Once YG heard this he felt flustered and confused, he couldn’t recall whom could it have been.

Baek Ji Young pointed out that the former 2ne1 member Minzy, is now under this agency.

After hearing this, Yang Hyun Suk’s face grew blue, he became flustered and worried, he said,

“Minzy won’t be auditioning for the show as a contestant, is she one of them? If so, its going to be really awkward!”

Thank God Minzy never auditioned. She doesn’t need to do this![/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]


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