2017 was a good year.

A good year for dramas and a good year to many rising Korean actors who managed to establish themselves as great actors or just simply introduce themselves to the public.

Beside their ridiculous amazing looks and good manners, these 10 rising Korean actors will make you swoon and fangirl once or twice!

This part 1 of jazminemedia.com “End Year Specials.”

So lets begin with the list, I’d like to give you a warning, the list is HOT!! Be careful

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Yang Se Jong

Yang Se Jong is probably the biggest achiever of 2017 in the entire list.

Yang Se Jong has debuted a year ago but he’s already making waves and capturing fans hearts in the process.

He made his debut in the hit SBS drama “Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim” as the cold-hearted brat doctor Do In Bum who has a rocky relationship with the main female lead played by Seo Hyun Jin.

2017 was one of his busiest year as he starred in 3, different dramas beginning with Saimdang Light’s Diary, he played the younger counterpart to Song Seung Hoon.

He continued the year by playing 3 different characters in OCN’s crime scientific thriller “Duel” he gave his best performance in the 3 different characters he played, he nailed each one of them, further proving how good of an actor he really is.

OCN’s “Duel” didn’t get the attention it deserved, but his performances for each character in the drama helped him put his name on the map.

He then starred in his first EVER leading role on a major Korean network as the sweet cook Oh Jung Sun in SBS’s hit drama “Temperature Of Love.”

He was reunited with actress Seo Hyun Jin, the two made such a cute couple and the drama enjoyed good ratings for the majority of its run.

He managed to top many monthly index rankings with his drama appearances. He snagged his first leading role less than a year to his official drama debut which is unusual for any Korean actor.

He is not only good looking but also a good actor and someone who is adorable, friendly and professional as described by his co-stars.

His smile alone can make any girl hear melt. Currently he is an actor I am obsessed with and I cannot wait to see what he’ll do next.

One thing’s for sure, I know well that he’ll snag many drama awards for his performances this year, and he’ll for sure only soar higher.

Woo Do Hwan

That killer gaze can make us all faint! For real!

Woo Doo Hwan also known as Dong Chul to international fanbase, is an actor who’s been trying for a while.

Born in 1992, he made his official debut in 2012 as an extra in “Come, Come Come absolutely Come.”

He didn’t gain recognition until early 2017, when he played the hot-tempered sweet Seok Dong Chul in OCN’s cult drama “Save me.”

He caused fans a serious second lead male syndrome case, as he stole the spotlight from Taecyeon throughout the drama run time in early 2017.

He then snagged a lead role in KBS’s interesting drama “Mad Dog.” He played the role of Kim Min Joon, the younger brother of a pilot who crashed an airplane and killed 200 people on-board.

He played such a well-rounded interesting protagonist and shares an amazing love-hate relationship with Yoo Ji Tae’s character in the drama.

His romance with Hwa Young was also a nice addition to the drama.

His amazing looks, and killer eyes managed to draw many fans to his side. He played two amazing characters in 2017 and has been under the radar of many kdrama fans.

I expect that he’ll soar only higher, as KBS’s “Mad Dog” continues to break records with its intriguing plot that has many twists and turns.

In my opinion, Woo Do Hwan played not one but two very charismatic characters in 2017, the characters he played were very interesting and some of the best written characters of 2017 dramas.

Dong Ha

Another amazing actor also born in 1992.

In this list, he’s probably the man who’s had the longest career before he caught people’s eyes.

Dong Ha has been doing dramas since 2009, he had started almost 8 years ago.

He started out playing minor roles in many kdramas that did okay in ratings. He’s also a hard-worker and has been in three drama projects since 2017.

Starting with the role of the brat CEO son in the successful KBS drama “Chief Kim.”

He first caught everyone’s attention then, when he played the useless party boy son who’s an embarrassment to his father. Throughout the drama run he went through good character development and shared cute bromance with Namgoong Min.

He then took on a much darker role in SBS’s hit drama “Suspicious Partner” where he played the psychopath killer who’s out for revenge.

It was then that he caught many international fans hearts (as well as mine). He played a dark character that had drawn audience sympathy. He kills bad people for a dark heart-breaking reason.

Many international kdrama fans were introduced to him through Ji Chang Wook in his last drama before his military enlistment. Dong Ha was a vital part of “Suspicious Partner.”

He took on his first second lead role in SBS’s new drama “Judge vs. Judge.” Although the drama has only premiered a couple of days ago, it managed to attract many people and is doing well in the ratings game.

I suspect that he’ll grow to be one of the biggest kdrama actors. With the absence of 1980s liners such as Lee Min Ho, Kim Soo Hyun, Joo Won and many others.

The new 1990s generation is filling the gap.

 Kim Jung Hyun

Kim Jung Hyun has the School series to thank for launching his career as an actor.

Despite his youthful looks, the actor is 27 years old, he was born back in 1990.

He played the main male lead in “School 2017” opposite Kim Se Jong and Jang Dong Yoon.

He had been acting since 2016, he appeared as Kong Hyo Jin’s character younger brother in the beloved 2016 drama “Jealousy Incarnate.” He had already snagged his first leading role and did very well.

He took on two projects in 2017, and will probably take on a new project in 2018.

I can’t wait to see what kind of role he’ll play next.

Lee Seo Won

The man who’s being dubbed the next Park Bo Gum.

His amazing idol-like looks and great acting skills prompted many of his new fans to dub him the next Park Bo Gum.

He is under the same label as his sunbae Park Bo Gum and Song Joongki, this is why I am almost sure that he’ll soar even higher while being managed under Blossom Entertainment.

He’s this list’s youngest star. He was born back in 1997 and is 20 years old. Although he appears to be older he’s still quit young and has cute chubby cheeks.

He has started acting back in 2015, and caught fans eyes in 2016’s heart-breaking drama “Uncontrollably Fond.” He played Suzy’s younger brother and made quite an impression then.

He started off 2017 with tvN’s “The Liar and His Lover,” and made a splash playing the second male lead opposite Ha Ji Won and Park Min Hyuk in MBC’s hit drama “Hospital Ship.”

He’s currently a part of Naver TV Cast drama “Last Minute Romance.”

Chang Ki Yong

This 1992 liner has been around for a while. He started acting back in 2014, making his drama debut in SBS’s “Its okay its love.”

The YG Model-turned-actor is as expected, breathtakingly handsome and quiet tall.

He’s been making waves and has shared the screen with Lee Seo Won in tvN’s “The Liar and His Lover,” he played a minor role as one of the band mates.

He played the second male lead in “Go Back Couple” opposite label-mate Son Ho Joon and the amazing Jang Nara.

He seriously gave me and many other kdrama fans second male lead syndrome, Jang Nara’s character did break his heart in the end, that puppy look he gave her made me want to give him a hug.

I would’ve cursed at Jang Nara for not choosing him if I didn’t know that she actually suits Son Ho Joon well.

He’s an amazing actor who can play a wide range of characters. It’ll be interesting seeing the kind of progress he achieves.

 Jung Hae In

The oldest on this list and probably everyone’s favorite is the cute handsome adorable Jung Hae In.

With is killer smile and manners he stole the spotlight from Lee Jong Suk in SBS’s hit drama “While You Were Asleep.”

The 1988 hunk has already been to military and is the only to have done so on this list. He’s also probably the one with the biggest fan base on our list as well.

His wise words and kind nature drew everyone to him. He’s currently playing a prisoner in tvN’s “Prison Playbook.”

He debuted back in 2014 and at a relatively elder age when compared to everyone around him. While actors his age already had well-established careers he was still trying to make a name for himself.

He hit the jackpot with SBS’s 2017 hit “While You Were Asleep.” He had also took part of tvN’s mega hit “Goblin,” playing Kim Go Eun’s handsome sunbae that made Gong Yoo’s character jealous.

Despite his late start and his recent rise in popularity the actor remains humble and grounded, he said through various interviews that he knows his rise in fame won’t last and that he plans on taking it slowly, one step at a time to prove to others how good of an actor he really is.

Shin Jae Ha

One of the most underrated actors on this list.

The 1993 born actor has debuted back in 2014, playing the younger version of Lee Jong Suk’s character in “Pinocchio.” He reunited together as brothers in SBS’s 2017 hit “While You Were Asleep.”

He is also good friends with both Lee Jong Suk and Jung Hae In. He’s also currently a part of tvN’s “Prison Playbook” along with Jung Hae In.

The actor is yet to prove his worth but he’s on the right track. He’s an amazing actor that has a bright future ahead of him.

I can hardly wait to see Shin Jae Ha in a leading role.

 Jang Mi Kwan

The dangerously good looking villain of JTBC hit 2017 drama “Strong Woman Do Bong Soon” shocked fans with his haunting performance as the psychopath in the popular drama.

The 1989 model-turned actor boasts a chiselled body and great acting skills. He’s the hoobae of our list, having only debuted through 2017’s JTBC hit 2017 drama “Strong Woman Do Bong Soon.”

He has been quiet busy this year, as he returned with another drama playing the hot but suspicious pharmacist in KBS’s “Manhole.”

Fans at first hated him for the harm he brought upon Park Hyung Sik and Park Bo Young’s characters, but when he cut his hair towards the end of the drama and showed his face, fans started having second thoughts. 😉

Despite his short but memorable appearances in both drama, this is only the tip of ice for the handsome model, who plans on proving himself through his upcoming projects.

I can’t wait to see him in another role! I’d prefer a psychopath role but he’s pretty good in whatever he does!

Kim Min Kyu

The hot guy with dimples has made fans heart flutter with his killer smile.

The handsome man who looks his best in pink has made a short appearance in the popular variety show “I can See Your Voice.”

People were shocked by how good looking he was, and even more shocked when they found out that he could sing very well. The actor competed but sadly got eliminated in the final round of the show.

After his short but memorable appearance he became the number one searched for rookie star in Korean portal sites. People wanted to know all about the hottie in pink.

He had also made a memorable appearance in tvN’s hit drama “Signal.” And is part of tvN’s hit 2017 drama “Because This is my first life.” He plays the hot barista Bok Nam.

The cutie says that he’s not a singer but he likes singing. He also revealed that he had received an offer to be part of an idol group but he refused because he’s a bad dancer.

2017 was filled with some amazing new faces and some old faces who finally got the recognition they deserved.

Every actor on this list is dead handsome and hella talented.

I can’t wait to see what each one of them does next. They’re set to lead the next wave of hallyu frenzy.