Did Taeyeon Just Call Out SM Entertainment On Social Media Again?

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Girls Generation’s Taeyeon is known to being quiet frank and vocal about her own opinions.

Girls Generation’s legendary song “I Got A Boy” has reached the 200 million views milestone, this is the group’s first ever video to have reached this huge milestone.

The Girls Generation’s leader took to Instagram to thank fans on their never dying love for the group, she wrote,

“’I Got A Boy’  has reached over 200 million views. Thank you to everyone who used their strength for the MV. To both Girls Generation and SONE. Congratulations.”

But what she added next made fans wonder what she meant by it, she added,

“Is SM happy though? What are you doing?”

This one sentence sent fans into detective mode, what was Taeyeon implying by her words? Was she criticizing SM? If yes! For what?

Some believe that she’s calling out SM for not celebrating the huge milestone, while some others believe that it has something to do with the 3 members who have left the label last month.

One thing is for sure, Taeyeon is calling SM out for something!

What do you think she implied?

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