Suzy Talks About Her Struggles While Working On Her Character In “While You Were Asleep”


Seems like becoming Nam Hong Joo wasn’t an easy feat for Suzy.

Suzy is High Cut December’s issue. She posed for a series of aesthetic beautiful photos highlighting her beauty before she sat down for an interview to talk about her ongoing drama “While You Were Asleep.”

The idol-actress revealed that she worked very hard on her reporter character, she said,

“When at first I practiced on my own I thought that I had been doing a pretty good job. Later, I realized that it was very different from what I had thought it would be, thus I received help from an actual reporter.”

She added,

“Since I had done a lot of MC jobs narrating, my tone had the severe tendency to change often. I also focused on practicing words that appears a lot in the drama.”

Regarding the OST for her drama she said,

“In the past it wasn’t so easy to do separate acting and singing, I used to feel pressured by it. When I was acting, I wanted to give it my all, the same goes with singing, I tried to make people forget that I also act.”

How do you feel about her performance in the drama so far?

Check out the photos below.



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