Sooyoung Find A New Home In Actor’s Agency That’ll Fully Support Her Activates In SNSD


Girls Generation Sooyoung has found a new home in Echo Global Group, a well-known actor’s agency that also houses Daniel Henney, Dong Hyun Bae, Lee Jung Min, Bae Noo Ri, and many others.

On November 10, Echo Global Group relied the happy news to the press. The agency stated that they’ll continue supporting her activities as an actress and as a singer.

They also revealed that if the conditions allowed it, they’ll fully support Sooyoung’s activities in Girls Generation.

The news of the popular idol-actress departure from SM Entertainment were revealed back in early October.

Seohyun and Tiffany also left the agency and are said to focus on other activities. SM Entertainment affirmed the public that the group will remain together.

source: (A)


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