How Did Song Joong Ki’s React To Lee Seo Won’s Absence From His Wedding?

How can Song Joong Ki be so cute?

The rising actor Lee Seo Won has sat down for an interview recently, he spoke about a sweet conversation he’s had with his label mate Song Joong Ki. The two are part of Blossom Entertainment.

The actor was asked if he attended the legendary wedding to which he replied,

“I couldn’t attend because of scheduling conflict with MBC’s drama ‘Hospital Ship.’ Which was really unfortunate.”

The actor also revealed that he called Song Joong Ki ahead of the wedding to explain to why he couldn’t attend, he was taken back by the sweet reply of Song Joong Ki who said,

“Its okay, I understand. There is nothing you can do. Just focus on working hard on your drama.”

He added,

“Song Joong Ki told me, ‘you’re unable to attend because of work, what kind of person would I be to not be understanding of that?’ I was so thankful for him and congratulated him on his wedding, we also agreed to meet up for a meal after he’s become a married man.”

Song Joong Ki has held his wedding back on the 31st of October, while Lee Seo Won has only recently finished shooting for his hit MBC drama “Hospital Ship.”

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