Son Ho Joon Talks About Jang Nara’s Endless Beauty And “Go Back Couple”

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Actor Son Ho Joon sat down for an interview after KBS’s weekend drama “Go Back Couple” wrap up to talk about acting, Jang Nara and many other things.

The actor revealed his thoughts on marriage, he was brought up by two parents who lead a successful happy marriage, to that the actor said,

“Since I were a little boy my dad would always take my mother’s side whenever we got into an argument. So I want to get married to someone who’d always take my side.”

The actor also revealed that his experience on “Go Back Couple” has taught him how to be a better son-in-law and how to try his best to communicate with his future-wife without keeping secrets.

He also admitted that at times he couldn’t believe how beautiful Jang Nara was, he admitted,

“At times during script reading I couldn’t feel our age gap. She’s an actress with endless beauty, she is an example of ‘age is just a number.’

In the past I used to watch her on TV, she was so beautiful then and she is still beautiful right now.”

The actor also commented on his love for both his dramas, “Reply 1994” which shot him to fame as well as his most recent drama “Go Back Couple.”

Son Ho Joon also expressed his gratitude and admiration for PD Shin Won Ho of “Reply 1994” and PD Na Young Suk of “Three Meals A Day,” both helped make him well known to the public.

He revealed that they’re the reason behind where he is today. He added,

“Those two producers are the reason I am where I am today. If they ever call me I go. If Na Young Suk asked me to appear on Newlywed Diary after I get married I will appear for sure.”

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