Rapper ONE And Actress Shin Eun Soo Are Confirmed For tvN’s “Drama Stage”


YG Entertainment’s Rapper ONE and JYP Entertainment young actress Shin Eun Soo are playing couples as part of tvN’s upcoming series of dramas titled “Drama Stage.”

Shin Eun Soo and Jung Jae Won (Rapper ONE) will lead the one act romantic drama “Anthology.”

“Anthology” tells the story of a grown women who reminisces about her 17 year old self through collections of writing she found from her young days.

The drama is to be directed by Lee Yoon Jung who also directed “Cheese In The Trap” and “Argon.”

Shin Eun Soo; who has previously captured attention with her appearance as the young version of Jun ji Hyun’s character; is playing the role of Shin So Yi.

Shin So Yi is a tough girl who is from Seoul, she goes to the countryside to visit her grandparents. Her honest but harsh words take people around her by surprise, yet underneath she is a gentle sensitive girl who has scars that are yet to heal.

She has become an adult and a teacher at a high school, she discovers the anthology which reminds her of her young days again, that’s when the story begins.

Rapper ONE is acting under his real name for this project Jung Jae Won. He’ll play the character of Jin Hyun, a young countryside man who isn’t clever or that good looking, but has a warm personality.

Jin Hyun and Shin So Yi get closer when Shin So Yi finds out about a secret that Jin Hyun tries to hide.

“Anthology” is one part of “Drama Stage.” A 10 one-act drama series. It’ll air its first episode on December 3rd at 12:00 a.m. and run for 10 weeks.

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