Park Shin Hye Reveals The Real Reason Why She Takes On Smaller Role When Doing Films

Actress Park Shin Hye sat down for a new interview promoting her upcoming movie “Silent Witness.”

The actress welcomed the reporter with a bright smile, she talked about how nervous and tense she felt because of her upcoming movie. She also thanked actor Choi Min Suk for helping her out on the set of her upcoming movie.

Park Shin Hye is taking on a serious role for her upcoming movie playing the role of lawyer Choi Hee Jung, a lawyer who defends the CEO Im Tae San (played by Choi Min Suk) daughter when she’s falsely suspected to being the killer in a murder case.

The actress had nothing but love and respect to the veteran actor Choi Min Suk, whom she revealed helped her out during filming. She said,

“Whenever I saw him, I was like a little child running to an adult, to me he’s Santa Claus.”

She also revealed the real reason why she takes on smaller roles for her movies, she added,

“In dramas I usually play the lead, but I play minor roles in films. I want to gain experience step by step regardless of the screen time I get.

I am used to being the lead in my dramas, but I don’t feel that I am as strong in films. I want to become an actress who has good presence on screen even if its for a short time. I also want to gain strength by drawing in audience.”

The actress also talked about her lawyer character and described her as someone who has a good sense of judgment. She also explained that even though she’s good at melodramas, she is attracted to roles that has a humanitarian story in it.

“Silent Witness” premiered in theatres on November 2.

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