OCN Is Planning For A Second Season Of “Voice” In 2018


Great news to all fans of the popular OCN crime drama “Voice.”

OCN has confirmed that the show “Voice” is returning for a second season in 2018, they added,

“Casting and other related matters are yet to be confirmed.”

“Voice” was a huge OCN hit earlier this year, it had even broke the 5% ratings mark and enjoyed national and international success as well.

The drama first season starred Jang Hyuk, Lee Ha Na and Kim Jae Wook and more.

Are you excited about the second season?

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My Thoughts

That’s a great idea.

OCN has basically made 2017 a lot better for me, I loved almost all of their dramas, they had some great shows this year.

I think that both Jang Hyuk and Lee Ha Na did great for the first season, it won’t be the same if those two didn’t return.

I am also hoping for a continuation, regarding what happened with Kim Jae Wook’s character, I wanna know why he ended up the way he did.

I think it won’t be the same if they add another female lead that also happens to hear faint voices that the average person can’t. it will be a difficult transition if they decided in that direction.

The drama is very good and I highly recommend it.


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