Lee Joon Gi Says This Actress Worked The Hardest On Perfecting Their Kiss Scenes

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Lee Joon Gi has nothing but praise for this Korean actress who has worked the hardest on their kiss scenes.

Back in 2014, Lee Joon Gi made his drama return with the explosive “Gunman in Joseon.” He shared the screen with actress Nam Sang Min.

The actor has mentioned her in a KBS TV show before and commented on their kiss scene, he said,

“The cave kiss scene with Nam Sang Min was the most memorable and most impressive.”

The actor revealed that she has worked hard on the angle and the intensity of their kiss scene. He added,

“We’re close enough to make a kiss scene look natural. She was like a younger sister then, now I can easily talk to her about our ‘routine.’

She tried her best to find the sexiest angle and I am grateful for the struggles she went through to make a good scene.”

“Gunman in Joseon” was one of the saddest most memorable Lee Joon Gi’s performances.

It was also the drama in which he had met his ex-girlfriend Jeon Hye Bin whom he’s been confirmed to have been dating before they broke up earlier this year.

Did you like Nam Sang Min and Lee Joon Gi kiss scene?

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  1. No, Not at all! They had not chemistry between them! As much tried this actress does not take out the scene! Even in “Gunman in Joseon” nor “Time Between Dog and Wolf”! Sorry , but this is the truth!

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