Kim Ji Won Won’t Be Coming Back With A New Drama Any Time Soon

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Kim Ji Won who has been working none stop since early 2017, is taking a break at last.

The popular actress has gained immense popularity following her recent KBS drama “Fight My Way,” she has recently finished filming for her upcoming movie “Detective K 3.”

While many fans have been wondering what the actress next step would be, it seems like they’ll have to wait longer to see her face.

Kim Ji Won has proved herself to be a versatile actress with many charms through various popular dramas such as “Heirs” and “Descendants of the Sun.”

A source praised the lovely actress and said,

“Its rare to find an actress in her 20s of lead material who can act and has star power, but Kim Ji Won is one of those stars. She’s has strong appeal that has grown immensely following her recent lead drama ‘fight my way.’”

Despite the buzz surrounding the actress, her agency, King Kong revealed that she won’t be coming back with any project any time soon, they said,

“She will be taking rest for the time being without choosing an upcoming project. She also needs to rest and recharge herself.”

The actress has filmed nonstop for “Fight My Way” for 5 months since the year began and has been filming for her upcoming movie “Detective K 3” without resting as well.

Following the huge success of Descendants of the Sun” last year, the actress took a while before she came back with a new drama.

Netizens are curious about how long the actress will take before she chooses her next project.

Her upcoming film “Detective K 3” is set to be released around Lunar New Year Holiday next year, the actress will be greeting the public for the first time on the big screen.

Take a good rest Kim Ji Won~

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