Kim Hyun Joong Is Releasing A Limited Edition Album In February 2018

Fans who have been eagerly waiting to hear back from their oppa Kim Hyun Joong are in for a lovely surprise!

Kim Hyun Joong is gearing up for his comeback!

The idol is set to release his fifth mini album on the 2nd of February, and is set to hold a world tour starting with Seoul at Seoul Korea’s university on the same comeback day.

A limited number of 2500 albums will be released to celebrate his comeback. His music will be released on music sites and those albums will be sold only on at one of his concert sites. Each album will have its own number which increases the value.

The idol actor is also planning on greeting his fans again in an autograph session and is said to be traveling to Seoul, to Daegu, Daejeon and Busan to meet his fans.

He’s also planning an Asian tour around Japan and other Asian countries, however, the dates are yet to be announced.

Are you happy to see him make a comeback?

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My Reaction

Well!!! He’s actually moving ahead with his newest 5th album.

Marketing wise, the 2500 albums are a great marketing tool that’ll only hype his fans, a lot of them will even attend the concert just to get their hands on one of those albums.

Well played… well played indeed!

Regarding his scandal and everything around it, we’re yet to see how far it’ll affect him and his future in the showbiz.

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