Jung So Min Talks About The Time She Couldn’t Stop Crying On The Set Of “Because This Is My First Life”


Actress Jung So Min who’s been capturing fans hearts through tvN’s “Because This Is My First Life,” sat down for an interview to talk about her recent drama and her character.

Jung So Min plays the character of Yoon Ji Ho, a 30 year older aspiring writer who struggles between her love and career.

She is currently being praised for the perfect portrayal of her character, she can switch between comedic to deep so effortlessly.


She was asked about whether she’d recommend the drama to viewers, she said that both younger and elder audience would be able to connect and laugh through the drama that portrays youth’s problems realistically.

When asked to point out three characteristics that made her character so attractive, she said,

“First, whenever she gets hurt she doesn’t hide it but expresses it. Second, the way she answers the phone saying her name. third, the way she appears to be the perfect girl but also has an unexpected side to her.”

She was also asked if she’d be able to pull out such type of marriage in real life, she mentioned that she wouldn’t be able to live with someone she has no feeling for.


Despite that, Jung So Min relates to her character in many other ways, she is also the eldest daughter in her family and both her parents are from Gyeongsang province.

Since she relates to Ji Ho on a personal level she was able to fully become Ji Ho on set, she also talked about the time she couldn’t stop her tears while filming the wedding scene.

While Ji Ho was reading the letter given to her by her mother, Jung So Min felt as if it was her own mother’s letter and couldn’t stop crying in between takes, she revealed that she has a soft spot for mother-daughter relationships.

She revealed that she couldn’t stop the tears from flowing in between takes as well which worried the crew and the director, she said,

“I felt as if it was a letter from my own mother given to me on my actual wedding not a drama.”

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