Jung Hae In Talks About His Role In “Prison Playbook,” Feelings On Being Called Kim Soo Hyun’s Lookalike

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Jung Hae In is super excited about his role in the upcoming tvN drama “Prison Playbook.”

The actor recently sat down for an interview and talked about “Prison Playbook.”

The drama is directed by the famous PD Shin Won Ho, who has previously worked on the Reply series.

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Jung Hae In revealed that he was super excited about the drama because he had auditioned to all of “Reply series” dramas. He said,

“I thought that it wouldn’t be possible to pass my ‘Prison Playbook’ audition. I knew that many people wanted to be a part of the drama; so many actors had auditions and meetings. Therefore, I am so grateful and happy that I was able to make the cut.

I will work hard and show my best self. The first episode is coming up; I hope that viewers can look forward to it.”

The actor had made a special cameo appearance in “Reply 1988,” and was called handsome by many netizens, to that he replied,

“I appreciate all the appraise for my looks but I also feel burdened by it. To be honest, I’d like to be praised for my acting rather than my appearance.”

The actor has also admitted that he reads online comments about himself, he said,

“I am the type to check comments on my articles, and when I see positive comments, I can’t help but smile. Especially when I see comments that one of my fans have been watching me ever since the beginning back when some of my dramas that didn’t do that well in ratings. I appreciate those comments and also find them memorable.”

A reporter pointed out that Jung Hae In is related to actor Kim Soo Hyun in search terms which might be because the two lookalike, Jung Hae In cutely responded in embarrassment,

“I won’t dare.”

Meanwhile, “Prison Playbook” will air its first episode on November 22 at 9:10 p.m. KST.

Are you excited about the premiere?

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