Jung Hae In Says He knows That His New Found Fame Won’t Last Forever


The hot actor Jung Hae In continues surprising us by how cute and wise he is.

The actor is on the fastest track to stardom after stealing the spotlight in “While You Were Asleep.”

He is currently a part of tvN’s new hit drama “Prison Playbook” and his first ever film role in “The Age Of Blood” has been recently released.

The actor stole the spotlight by appearing as Han Wook Tak, the cute police officer who fell in love with Hong Joo (Suzy) in “While You Were Asleep.”

The 29 year old said in an interview that he doesn’t believe that the rise in his popularity will last forever, he said,

“My current trend status? Popularity? I am so grateful to all my fans but to be honest, I know that it’ll fade soon.

I am not rushing to prove myself as an actor, I want to do it slowly and take it step by step travelling down the right path.”

He added,

“I am very grateful to all the people who ae interested in me. I often check articles written about me and check the comments, seeing lots of people comment positive things about me makes me both happy and embarrassed.

However, the most important thing for me right now is to grow as an actor through experiencing many things. Even if it meant going through pain and suffering, I want to do it properly.

About making his debut at a relatively late age, he said,

“I think I was able to start without feeling nervous or rushed because I had already started so late. In a way I felt freed from worrying about what project I’d be in next and whether it’d do well or not.”

He also talked about how he felt leaving for prison back at 21. He said that went in without worrying too much and had set his eyes on the big dream of becoming an actor once he left.

He also revealed that he didn’t really feel bad when he sees actors around his age with already well-established careers, he believes that its important to be grateful for what you have. He said he wants to continue working with this attitude for a long time.

His first leading movie role “The Age Of Blood” premiered yesterday on November 23, he is currently taking part of “Prison Playbook” as one of its main cast.

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