IU Joins Lee Sun Gyun, Na Moon Hee And Oh Dal Soo In Upcoming tvN Drama 

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The cast for tvN’s upcoming 2018 drama “My Ahjusshi” (Working title) has been confirmed.

The main cast will feature IU, Lee Sun Gyun, Na Moon Hee And Oh Dal Soo and Song Sae Byuk.

The upcoming tvN drama will be directed by Kim Won Suk who has previously worked on “Misaeng” and “Signal.” The script will be written by Park Hae Young who has previously worked on “Another Oh Hae Young.”

The drama will tell the story of three brothers who struggle with their own lives separately, and a woman who is both cold and distant due to the many hardships she faced in her life, together they learn to enjoy and appreciate life and heal their past wounds.

Lee Sun Gyun will play Park Dong Hoon, the second oldest son of the three brothers, he’s an engineer in an architectural company, who always approaches everything in a safe matter. He is quiet but gives his all for the people he cares about.

IU will play Lee Ji An, the cold woman who’s suffered from many hardships in her life. As a part of her job she’s instructed by her boss to find Park Dong Hoon weakness. She ends up falling in love with his warm character, Lee Ji An learns how to trust someone for the first time.

Oh Dal Soo will play Park Sang Hoon, he’s the eldest brother and a middle-aged man who is let go from his firm, he ran two businesses who ended up failing, this leads him to be chased out of his house. He moves in to his mother’s house, despite all the hardships he’s faced with, he continues to search for happiness.

Song Sae Byuk will play the role of the youngest brother, a genius director who directed an independent film that snagged him an invitation to Cannes Film Festival. Despite that great start, 20 years has passed and he’s still trying to successfully establish a career as a director.

“My Ahjusshi” will air in 2018, the filming of the drama is said to begin this December.

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