Hong Jung Hyun Assure Fans “Kim Woo Bin Is Doing Better”


Fans are relieved after hearing what Hong Jung Hyun said about Kim Woo Bin.

The popular model actor has been active in the industry for 10 years, he sat down for an interview to talk about the decade he spent under the spotlight.

The actor-model also spoke about his long time friend Kim Woo Bin who has been battling cancer for a while, he said,

“It was a huge shock when the news broke out at first. I knew that his body wasn’t doing that well but it never crossed my mind that it was this bad. As of now, I know he has been doing a lot better, he’ll be okay soon.”

The actor also talked about how much he contacted him through this rough journey, he said,

“It wasn’t hard to keep in touch with him to see how he was doing. I felt bad and apologetic when I couldn’t contact him for a while even after finding out about his condition.

He must be having a difficult time more than anyone else, you can only imagine how many people called to ask if he was doing okay.

Afraid the question would stress him, I sent him a text message after his name stopped popping up in the internet everywhere.

We talked about stuff and a while later he called me to assure me that he was doing okay. Im cheering him on and hope that he will gain back his health so we can work together on another project soon.”

We’re so glad to hear that he’s doing so much better right now~

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