Heechul Reveals The Hilarious Honest Reason Behind Why He Quit Smoking


You can always count on Heechul to give you the most sincere answer for any question you have.

The idol and variety show star made the cast of “Knowing Brothers” laugh so hard when he revealed the honest reason why he quit smoking.

The cast members were discussing the upcoming ban to smoking in sports stadiums which will be implemented from December 3rd this year.


Heechul revealed that he quit smoking a long time ago, he said,

“The reason I quit smoking was because my gums became purple. They said that the gum color couldn’t be fixed.

Back in my teenage years I used to smoke, my bronchial tubes aren’t good this is also why I can’t really eat hot noodles.”


Where you shocked to learn that Heechul used to smoke as a teenager?

We’re glad that he quit smoking, its better for his health!


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