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Girls Day’s Hyeri is leading the upcoming MBC drama “Two Cops” as the feisty reporter with a bad temper.

The idol-actress revealed that she’d like to make her new character Song Ji An her own.

Song Ji An along with Jo Jung Suk’s character Cha Dong Tak will work together to solve crimes. Hyeri talked fondly about her character and said,

“Ji An is someone who doesn’t easily give in to injustice. She may seem hot tempered at first, but she has a courageous character despite being a girl.”

It was also revealed that Hyeri has met up with reporters and observed them to make her character appear more realistic, about that she said,

“After meeting reports, I can honestly say I had the wrong idea about them. They didn’t mind me recording them and had also taught me lots of things.”

She added,

“I hope to play a character that viewers can completely fall in love with.”

“Two Cops” premieres on the 27th of November.

Are you excited about Girls Day’s Hyeri return?

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