On November 13, the former leader and lead vocalist of the popular girl group SISTAR has announced the establishment of her own agency.

Hyorin’s new agency will be called ‘Bridge.” According to multiple sources, Hyorin came to this decision after lots of contemplation, she wants to create music of different genres working with many creative directors.

Hyorin also revealed the true meaning behind the word “Bridge,” which represents an important part of every song connecting the climax to the song. It has a heartfelt meaning as Hyorin wants her music to be a bridge of communication with the public.

Bridge will house many other creative directors skilled in choreography, composing and producing along with Hyorin. Hyorin aims to work with the directors of Bridge to actively engage in various projects in the future.

The idol who has left her agency Starship Entertainment back in September attributed her success to the agency that made it all possible for her. On her social media account, the idol wrote,

“This was only possible because of my family at Starship Entertainment and the members of SISTAR . I would like to express my gratitude that I can never put into words.”

Congrats to Hyorin~

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