“Doubtful Victory” Releases Official Posters Ahead Of Drama Premiere


Ahead of its premiere, SBS’s upcoming drama “Doubtful Victory” has finally released the official posters.

“Doubtful Victory” tells the story of a runaway prisoner (Yoon Gyun Sang) who assumes the identity of a detective called Oh Il Seung and joins a detectives team. He tries his best to uncover the truth behind his unlawful imprisonment.

Among the team of detectives is Jin Jin Young (Jung Hye Sung), the two work together and solve crimes.

The official posters are indeed one of a kind, in one poster you can see all the main characters, in another poster the leads Jung Hye Sung and Yoon Gyun Sang pose together.

The drama is set to air its first episode on the 27th of November.

Are you excited for the premiere?


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