Dara Reveals She Took Revenge On Her Boyfriend By Selling His Gifts And Going On A Trip


Dara is the queen of beauty but is also apparently the queen of sass.

Dara has been a long time member of the popular beauty show “Get It Beauty.” On one particular episode the members were discussing their past relationships.

Dara shocked everyone when she reveals that her first relationship ended in heartbreak. She revealed that because it was her first time breaking up she thought that life was over.

She also revealed that her grief didn’t stop there, she added,

“We kept having fights, once and because of a tough fight, I couldn’t stop crying, even when I had to get it together to film a show. Because I couldn’t stop the tears the production was forced to delay the shooting. Thankfully, everyone was understanding and kept cheering me on throughout the day.”

What she revealed next showed how much of a badass she truly was, she added,

“After wrapping things up and getting my emotions back in check. I decided it would be best to sell all the gifts he gave me and with that money I went on a trip with my friends, it was really a memorable one. You have to take revenge on your boyfriend like that.”

The ultimate kpop girl crush might be deadly cute but she’s also deadly sassy if you dare mess with her heart.

We’re glad that Dara is in a better place right now. We bet that ex-boyfriend is pissed after hearing this.


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