BTS Rumored To Be Making A Guest Appearance In Ellen’s Show, Big Hit Issues A Response


Army went crazy after a tweet went live yesterday.

One fans has asked The Ellen’s DeGeneres Show executive Producer Andy Lassner if they could have BTS on their show, that fan was in for the shock of her life when she received an answer.

Andy Lassner responded to the tweet stating, “Its gonna happen.”

BTS fans couldn’t help but get super excited about the news, and following the trending tweet, Big Hit entertainment issued a response to the speculations.

Big Hit told Herald POP,

“We’ve received many offers to appear in many programs abroad and Ellen’s Show is one of them. BTS’s appearance on the show hasn’t been confirmed yet.”

If BTS confirms their appearance on the show, they will be the first kpop group to ever guest on the beloved American show.

Stayed tuned for updates.

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My Thoughts

Omg you guys… I am not even a BTS fans but I just screamed!

The things those boys will do, I hope it helps kpop become even bigger than its already is.

I will be watching and excited. They represent the kpop community and I am happy about that. Can’t wait to hear of the happy news soon!

I am a huge fan of Ellen and her show, she’s just adorable, the big question remains, will she have them all on the show or a couple of the members only?


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