AOA’s Mina has revealed some shocking news about what she’s been through earlier this year.

The idol has opened up about her experience with facial paralysis in a recent interview.

She said,

“In April, I developed facial paralysis; it was on the left side of my face.

I visited several doctors; they all told me that it was due to stress or insomnia.”

Mina added,

“I didn’t actually feel that way (under stress), even after a couple of months I didn’t return to normal. It has been seven months since, and I am not 100% fully recovered.”

The idol-turned-actress cited “Hospital Ship” as part of one of the reasons she managed to recover, she said,

“I felt happiness while working on the set, and had gotten a lot better. I am 90% recovered.”

Mina recently appeared in MBC’s hit drama “Hospital Ship,” she received love and praise for her performance as a nurse on the ship.

We wish her a speedy recovery!


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