In today’s “Huh!” news, YG’s ace producer Teddy has been wrapped up in dating rumors with BLACKPINK’s Jennie.

On October 14, a Korean news outlet claimed that the two are currently dating; an alleged source even claimed that the two are getting well together despite their 17 year age gap.

This was a shock to the kpop community and to YG Entertainment as well, which released a statement saying,

“This is our first time hearing these rumors between Jennie and Teddy.”

Rapper Teddy used to date actress Han Ye Seul and have broken up with her back in 2016 after 4 years of their public relationship.

The ace YG producer has worked on BLACKPINK’s “Square One” and “Square Two” and is the man behind some of their most known hits, “Boombaya,” “Playing With Fire” and many others.

BLACKPINK have spoken up about YG’s dating ban, it is well known that the girls aren’t allowed to date right now, which made the rumors more outrageous.


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