Will The Deceased Family Sue Choi Siwon And His Family For The Accident Caused By Their Dog?


Earlier today it was revealed that the co-CEO of Hanilkwan Restaurant died due a bite caused by Choi Siwon family’s dog.

The family of the deceased were interviewed and asked about what they plan on doing right now, will they sue Choi Siwon and his family for what had happened?

The accident had occurred back on September 30, but has recently made headlines and turned heads, many fans are split on whether this was Choi Siwon’s family fault or not.

One of the family members spoke up about the rumors and said,

“It’s true that my sister died from a secondary infection along with some complications caused by the dog bite. However, we have decided to forgive them since we’re close to them as neighbours, resenting them won’t bring back my sister to life.”

About the possibility of suing the family, she added,

“My sister’s son and I want to mourn her passing quietly. We won’t be taking any legal actions against Choi Siwon and his family. We don’t want to be compensated. My sister’s son is actually around the same age as Choi Siwon, they’re both young, its tragic that my sister passed away, but I don’t have any intentions of ruining the lives of the young people.”

She also revealed that Choi Siwon has visited their family a couple of times to apologize, he had even cried at the funeral due to what had happened. She said she held his hands and decided to forgive him.

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