“While You Were Asleep” Finally Beats “Hospital Ship” For The Title Of The Number One Drama


It finally happened.

SBS’s “While You Were Asleep” finally took over the title of the highest-rated drama for Thursday.

According to Nielsen Korea, Thursday’s episode rated 7.9% and 8.9% which is higher than its previous episode. The drama hasn’t passed the 10% mark but it still came out on top.

The second highest-rated drama was MBC’s “Hospital Ship,” the drama rated 7.1% and 8.3% which was also higher than its previous episode. Thursday’s episode couldn’t beat SBS’s “While You Were Asleep,” but the rating difference isn’t that huge.

Meanwhile, KBS’s special “Kang Deok Soon’s Love History” rated 2.9%. The next episode of “Mad Dog” is slated to take over the same time slot and go up against SBS and MBC dramas.

Many fans believe that the kiss scene in the latest episode of “While You Were Asleep” was one of the determining factors in the rating results.

Since the difference in ratings wasn’t that big, it means that there might be a chance for MBC’s “Hospital Ship” to take over the ratings title next week.

Which drama were you rooting for?

Source:  Nielsen Korea


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