“Temperature Of Love” and “Witch’s Court” Go Neck In Neck In The Ratings Battle


The battle for the title of the highest rated drama for Monday-Tuesday is getting fierce.

SBS’s “Temperature Of Love” has been the top drama of its time slot almost each week since its premiere, it did take a back seat to MBC’s last episode of “The Kings Love,” but have picked up and won the ratings battle ever since.

There is a new worthy competitor in town, KBS2’s “Witch’s Court” is getting a lot of attraction and scored way higher for Tuesday’s episode.

According to Nielsen Korea, KBS2’s “Witch’s Court” rated 9.5% which is a huge jump from its first episode, it had jumped 2.5%.

SBS’s “Temperature Of Love” was still the winner, it rated 8.8% and 10.3% which is slightly lower than its Monday ratings which had broken a new record. The second part of the episode rated higher which made SBS’s “Temperature Of Love” the top drama of its time slot again this week.

MBC’s “20th Century Boy And Girl” didn’t air because of a soccer match which probably contributed to KBS2’s “Witch’s Court” higher ratings.

Fans expect a shift in ratings for next week battle between KBS2’s “Witch’s Court” and SBS’s “Temperature Of Love” due to their close ratings score.

Which drama do you prefer?

Source: Nielsen Korea



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