How can anyone not fall in love with Suzy?

On October 15, Suzy was a guest on the popular late night variety show “JYP’s Party People,” she performed many amazing dance covers, sang and chatted with JYP.

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JYP opened up about Suzy’s contract renewal issue, in mid-2017 her exclusive contract with JYP expired, JYP had stated that they were not going to discuss contract renewal with Suzy while she was shooting “While You Were Asleep.”

He talked about how he didn’t want to pressure her into contract renewal, he said,

“I didn’t contact you for 4 months; I wanted to not put any pressure on you while in contract renewal discussion period.”

Back on August 3rd it was announced that Suzy would be renewing her contract with JYP Entertainment, the agency that grew her into the person she is today. About that Suzy said,

“I worried about what choice should I make, should I stay with the company that helped me out become who I am today? or should I try a new place?”

JYP then commented on her contract renewal and her conditions, he said,

“When you said you’d renew your contract I checked the terms and I was shocked that you didn’t ask for too  much, you weren’t trying to outfox me, it was not about money.”

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