Shin Sung Rok And Go Hyun Jung Cast For SBS’s Upcoming Drama “Return”


Shin Sung Rok and Go Hyun Jung are set to lead the upcoming Wednesday-Thursday SBS drama “Return.”

On October 13, Shin Sung Rok’s agency confirmed the news, in an official statement they confirmed that the actor is leading the upcoming SBS drama.

Shin Sung Rok will play the role of Oh Tae Suk, the CEO of an IT company who is rich enough that he doesn’t need to work anymore for the rest of his life. He creates a new smartphone application that wins him the Businessman of the Year award. To cover up for his past mistakes he becomes devil like and unbearable.

Actress Go Hyun Jung is taking on the role of Choi Ja Hae, a lawyer who comes from a poor family background, she hosts the TV legal show “Return.” The drama will focus on tracing the truth behind a murder case that involves suspects in the upper class of society.

“Return” is set to air sometime in early January.

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My Thoughts

Omg! This is actually interesting guys!

I love Shin Sung Rok and I think he’s highly underrated.

I saw him first in my love from the stars and fell in love with his devilish character, he kept the show going for me.

He can play devilish creepy characters very well, he’s also versatile, the drama plotline sounds so intriguing and interesting. I can’t wait to see what becomes of this drama.

A bad guy leading a drama role? Something we rarely stumble upon in kdramas, our leading men are always obnoxious but righteous, this is fresh and different.

Can’t wait for 2018!


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