Proof Shin Min Ah Is The Greatest Supporter In Kim Woo Bin’s Fight Against Cancer

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In case you needed to know whether Shin Min Ah was an angel or not, we have the proof here for you.

Fans believe that Shin Min Ah and Kim Woo Bin are one of the best Korean celebrity couples there is, and following Kim Woo Bin’s sudden and shocking health risk announcement fans were afraid of what would come next.

The actor was diagnosed with nasopharynx cancer, a rare and dangerous type of cancer. The actor was only 28 years old when he was diagnosed, fans feared for his health.

Following the sad news, Shin Min Ah who has been dating the actor for 2 years, revealed that she is currently attending and taking care of him, in a statement she broke her silence and said,

“I am trying my best to help with his treatment the best I can.”

It was revealed that the actress would try her best to help out and attend chemotherapy sessions with the actor whenever she had no schedule.

Sometimes the actor was seen with his mom and sister and sometimes with Shin Min Ah. Recently an eye witness revealed that he had witnessed the two together in and out of a hospital.

He said,

“I saw the two of them visiting a general hospital together located in Seoul”

People who were also in the hospital noticed the very good-looking couple, smiling brightly in the middle of this unfortunate sickness Kim woo Bin was suffering from.

The actor is currently focusing on his chemotherapy and with the help of his family and his amazing girlfriend we hope that he can pull through this.

We can’t wait to hear positive news soon

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