Proof That Lee Jong Suk, Jung Hae In, And Shin Jae Ha Are Ultimate Friendship Goals

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The 3 main stars of “While You Were Asleep” have met early 2017 and continue to be friends to this date.

“While You Were Asleep” is 100% pre-produced, the drama shooting started back in February and finished in late July.

The 3 male stars that are currently making kdrama fans drool and fangirl a couple of times have a strong friendship and we have the photos and interactions to prove it.

Jung Hae In and Shin Jae Ah are not the main cast primary but are the supporting cast, the main cast is Suzy, Lee Jong Suk, Lee Sang Yeob, and Ko Sung Hee.

낼 첫 방!!!! 올~

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Despite that, fans were happy when Jung Hae In’s role in the drama became more important and he moved up the chart in the drama description.

Along with Lee Jong Suk and Suzy they’re the trio that tries hard to protect civilians and achieve justice. While Shin Jae Ah takes a backseat as the main lead younger brother, his presence on the screen and in the first couple of episodes proved how good he really was.

He plays a high schooler who at often times away, but his relationship with his elder brother remains one of the cutest aspects of this drama.

백색의 형제와 흑색의 감독님

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Off the screen, the trio are often seen hanging around and usually meet up every once and a while.

Lee Jong Suk, Jung Hae In, And Shin Jae Ah all frequently share photos of their reunions after the drama shooting was complete. Despite their busy schedules they still find time to meetup and have fun.

Jung Hae In shares photos of their get-togethers the most, he also shares the cutest selfies, but since this is about their friendship we’ll stick with their cute group selfies.


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Lee Jong Suk out of the trio has the largest Instagram followers base, to his grand 10 million followers he usually shares selfies he takes with Jung Hae In and Shin Jae Ah.

On June 29, Lee Jong Suk shared his first public selfie with Jung Hae In, the two were brightly smiling to the camera, Jung Hae In showed off his sexy abs.

잘생긴 형아🐳

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With the help of Lee Jong Suk, fans were introduced to Jung Hae In, who back then wasn’t as popular as he is right now.

Lee Jong Suk is known to be mildly active on social media and he doesn’t share many posts but has frequently shared photos of them together.

In late August, Jung Hae In shared two very cute selfies of them together, in one they were wearing face masks and looked hilarious and in another selfies the three were posing together flashing big smiles in front of a café.

On the same day, Lee Jong Suk shared a different variety of selfies of them together, he shared 2 posts, each post contains 5 photos.


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🐥🐥👣👣🙆‍♂️🙆‍♂️잘생긴 해이니형아, 신이라 불리는 재하😘

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The three had fun eating ice cream, and shopping around in a super market and finished the day by going back to what appears to be a hotel before changing into matching pajamas and putting on those scary hilarious masks.

Shin Jae Ah also shared some of the photos of the trio, he has also shared this sweet photo with his on-screen brother.

Out of the 3 Shin Jae Ah is the one who shares the least, he seems to be the least active on Instagram, but fear not because both Jung Hae In and Lee Jong Suk will make it their job to share every selfie they take.

맴찢 ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ 끝났어ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

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In September 20, some of the cast of “While You Were Asleep” reunited to watch a musical in support of the actors who appeared in it, Ko Sung Hee joined the trio to watch the musical.

여러분 틱틱붐 빨리 보러가세요 완전 재미있어요!!!!!!아 빨리!!!!!!!

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God! We envy her so much!

On October 5, Lee Jong Suk shared a photo of him and his good friend Jung Hae In watching the most recent episode then of “While You Were Asleep.”

잘생긴 남자랑 본방사수🙂 이 남자 별명은 이제부터 얼굴폭격기.

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I think we can all agree that Jung Hae In snaps the best selfies.

Today Jung Hae In posted yet another cute selfie; he reunited with Shin Jae Ah, sadly without Lee Jong Suk. The two were enjoying their time sipping coffee on a beautiful sunny day.


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Jung Hae In is surprisingly the oldest of the trio, he was born back in 1988, while Lee Jong Suk was born back in 1989, Shin Jae Ah is the maknae who was born back in 1993.

Lee Jong Suk doesn’t always posts so many photos of him and any of his drama co-stars but he seems to have changed when meeting Shin Jae Ah and Jung Hae In.

He shares many photos of their get-togethers and the fun times they have. Despite their age differences the 3 have debuted around the same time 2013 and 2014.

We can’t help but stalk their Instagram accounts waiting for whats next.

Have you been keeping up with “While You Were Asleep”? Which of these 3 handsome males present the best character?

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