The hallyu actress Park Shin Hye made a cameo appearance on SBS’s popular drama “Temperature Of Love.”

The actress is making a cameo appearance in support of writer Ha Myung Hee whom she previously worked with in SBS’s 2016 hit drama “Doctors.”

She played the role of hallyu star Yoo Hye Jung, her character decided to support writer Lee Hyun Soo (played  by Seo Hyun Jin) after she read the script. She met up with the production company CEO Park Jung Woo (played by Kim Jae Wook) and later met the writer herself.“Temperature-Of-Love”.jpg“Temperature-Of-Love”.jpg

Her character name is the same like the character she played in “Doctors.” The production staff released a statement appreciated her loyalty to the writer, she said,

“Actress Park Shin Hye has agreed to make the cameo appearance despite her busy schedule.”

Have you seen her cameo appearance in the drama?

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