Actor Park Seo Joon visited Taiwan for the first time since his debut 6 years ago and held a fan meeting on October 21st. In an interview with the media the day before his fan meeting he responded to many questions about his recent drama, his ideal type and his real personality.

Park Seo Joon gained a lot of new fans due to his portrayal of Ko Dong Man in the popular KBS drama “Fight My Way” who is a charming man with an outgoing character, the actor explained how much he differs from him in real life, he said he’s shy, he explained,

“Whenever I received the script; I wished my character was similar to Dong Man’s.”

He was also asked about his ideal type, to which he replied,

“I consider self-management and taking good care of yourself very important, I would also like to have similar interests and hobbies with her.”

Unfortunately, fans won’t find out who that girl is any time soon even if there was because Park Seo Joon himself revealed that he won’t ever publicly date, he explained his decision,

“This is not only my life, I don’t want to cause unnecessary inconvenience and discomfort to someone else.”

The character he played in “Fight My Way” had a toned body and was good at fighting, the actor revealed that he’s most confident with his lower half of his body, he also added,

“My butt is good because of the good genes that was given to me by my parents.”

Park Seo Joon is currently touring Asia for various fan meets and will travel to Singapore next.

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