Tablo of Epik High revealed that one of their new album is actually inspired by BTS members and others who share a similar story.

During an interview on October 24, the Epik High members talked about a song from their album called “Lost One” which features Nell’s Kim Jong Wan.

Tablo who wrote the lyrics to the song wanted to share a message to all the struggling idols and trainees out there, he revealed that he was inspired to write it after watching a video of BTS members revealing that they started dreaming about making music after hearing Epik High’s song “Fly.”

Tablo added,

“If one day our children want to walk down the same path we’ve taken, I’d like to begin by playing them this song.”

In a past broadcast, Suga and Rap Monster revealed that they wanted to become rappers after hearing Epik High’s song “Fly.”

Isn’t Tablo the sweetest?

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