Recent report by the Chinese Media outlet “EToday” revealed the top Chinese stars earning of 2017 so far, and the list includes some familiar faces we know of.

The list includes the top Chinese male and female celebrities earning counted from July 2016 to June 30 2017. It counts the earnings, public appearances, endorsement deals and much more.

The Chinese actress Fan Bingbing was the crowned the 1st spot, she earned an estimate $35.6 million. Ranking in second place was the former EXO-M member Luhan who earned an astonishing $30.2 million.

He topped various album charts, did well in his dramas and is considered one of the top celebrities of China today.

The list also includes another former EXO-M member; Kris Wu was crowned the 9th spot with a total of $22.8 million. The list also includes a familiar worldwide star face, Jackie Chan made the list in the 5th place.

Korean and international fans alike were astonished by the amount of money Kris and Luhan both made after leaving EXO.

What do you think of these numbers? Are you shocked they made this much?


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