Here Is How Many Takes It Took To Film “Because This Is My First Life” First Kiss Scene


The new tvN drama aired its first episode back on October 9, and had premiered with promising ratings.

Actor Lee Min Ki and Jung So Min have talked about their first episode kiss scene back when they were doing a promotion broadcast on Naver’s V Live.

Lee Min Ki was the character on the second end receiving the kiss so actress Jung So Min had to kiss him multiple times, about the kiss scene he said,

“We filmed the kiss scene so many times for a long time; we kissed more than 16 times.”

Actor Lee Min Ki is known for being a good kisser and the moderator asked why they had taken so many shots of their first kiss.

The two explained that they had to film it so many times because the director wanted to capture the scene from multiple angles and thus they ended up kissing for 16 times.

Meanwhile, the first two episodes review of “Because Its My First Life” have been released, check out episode 1 review here, and episode 2 review here.


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