Lee Je Hoon Talks About His Respect For Suzy, Says He Wants To Work Again With Her


Lee Je Hoon is smitten with Suzy just like the rest of us!

In a recent interview held on October 14 at Busan International Film Festival, Lee Je Hoon talked about his former “Architecture 101” co-star Suzy.

Back in 2012, “Architecture 101” became one of the most talked about Korean movies of the year and had sold well over 4 million tickets and opened at number 1 in the Korean box office.

The actor talked about the large age gap he had with Suzy, he said,

“Me and Suzy played same-aged friends but I was 10 years older than her, so on set I tried to appear youthful and young so she wouldn’t feel the huge age gap. She took in the gesture nicely and we were able to film comfortably.”

He also talked about how much she matured, he added,

“Suzy received lots of love since the movie was released, she has become very mature and showed a wide spectrum with her acting performances. I hope to work with her again, on a different genre and story.”

Would you like to see Suzy and Lee Je Hoon reunite for a film again?

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My Thoughts

Honestly, I am loving Suzy’s maturity and performance in “While you were asleep” no wonder everyone is smitten with her. Lee Je Hoon has been my favorite actor in 2017.

The amazing talented Lee Je Hoon has achieved great success in two of his recently released movies in 2017, he’s been enjoying a lot of success and received lots of love for his acting chops.

I haven’t watched “Architecture 101,” but I plan to do so, it includes many of today’s top actors and actresses.

I would love to see the two reunite, it would be so cute to see how Lee Je Hoon reacts in front of her, he was too cute around Shin Min Ah.



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