Jung Hae In Talks About His Bonding Trip With Lee Jong Suk And Shin Jae Ha


The rising actor Jung Hae In is Marie Claire’s November’s issue cover.

The actor posed for a couple of photos before he sat down to answer some questions about his recent role in the hit SBS drama “While You Were Asleep.”

He was asked about his bonding trip with his “While You Were Asleep” co-stars Lee Jong Suk and Shin Jae Ha. The actors had fun in Sapporo, Jung Hae In talked about the trip,

“Sang Yeob hyung was also supposed to come but due to scheduling conflicts he couldn’t make it.”

The actor added,

“This was my first time taking a trip with actors after a production ends, I believe it was also Jong Suk’s first time as well. We planned the trip together, we went around eating good food and talked until 4 am in the morning in our room.”

The actor was asked about what kind of conversations had kept them up all night, the actor answered,

“We talked about acting and things in life, our family, parents and personal stuff too.”

You can read more about Jung Hae In’s adorable relationship with his While You Were Asleep” co-stars here.

Isn’t Jung Hae In the cutest?


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