Heechul Says He Won’t Be Able To Fully Participate Because Of His Injury , SM Releases A Response


Super Junior Heechul recently released a very worrisome post about his ankle injury, elfs panicked.

In a lengthy Instagram post, the idol explains that he has harmed his ankles beyond repair following the car accident he’s been in 11 years ago.

He explained that his injury will affect how much he can participate in the upcoming highly anticipated Super Junior comeback promotions.

In the letter he wrote,

“First, I write this post feeling sorry to my members, because I have promised them I wouldn’t write heartfelt posts to my social media accounts.

As you may already know I have been in a car accident 11 years and haven’t been able to use my leg properly since then

However, I have been blessed and enjoying my time doing various activities since then, I smiled and persisted through the pain no matter how much it hurt.

Since a lot of time has passed since then… I have become afraid too. As I said on ‘Life Bar’ recently, my ankle pain is not getting any better, in fact its getting worse.

Those around me would joke sometimes saying ‘come on, its been over 10 years, it must be better now!’ or ‘are you faking it because you don’t feel like dancing?. I forced myself to smile and move on.

I have been doing variety shows since my debut and had an easy life more or less… so I thought I always had to make those around me laugh and act like everything is fine.

I am a human and it means that even if I try to pretend that everything is okay won’t necessary mean that my body will agree with me, the inverse proportions of my forced positive thoughts has made me feel the pain even more.

In conclusion, Super Junior is making a comeback on November 6. Since we’re making a comeback in such a long time and the members are very excited as well as our fans… I was of course excited as well.

But I think that most probably I won’t be able to do normal activities. I apologize in advance again to fans and the members who have been waiting for this comeback forever. I don’t have confidence at all… In my mind I am always thinking of my members and I am ashamed to face them.

If I can make you understand and receive your forgiveness with the excuse ‘I’ll work harder in variety shows to promote’ then I’ll be even more grateful and I’ll smile while I receive rehabilitation treatment, I will try to keep fighting.

I finish up this post by apologizing to anyone who felt in anyway uncomfortable while reading my selfish message.

Please don’t catch a cold, and no matter how annoying it gets, please be sure to always wear your seat belt while in the car.

Thank you.”

먼저 SNS에 의미심장한 말 남기지 않기로 약속한 멤버들에게 미안한 마음을 가지며 글을 씁니다 아시는 분들은 아시겠지만 저는 11년 전 교통사고로 왼쪽 다리를 제대로 쓸 수 없는 상태입니다 그래도 그동안 재밌고 즐겁게 활동해왔고, 아무리 아파도 웃으며 했습니다 근데 세월이 많이 흘러서인지.. 저도 겁이 많아지네요. 얼마 전 인생술집에서 얘기 했듯이 발목 통증이 심해지는 경우가 잦아졌습니다 간혹 주변에서 농담으로 저에게 “에이~ 10년도 넘었으면 다 나은거지~”, “일부러 춤 추기 싫어서 뺑끼 쓰는거 아냐?” 라는 말도 억지웃음을 지으며 넘겼습니다. 저는 데뷔 초부터 예능을 했었고, 어찌보면 예능으로 순탄하고 행복한 삶을 살고 있으니까.. 늘 웃음을 드리고 아무렇지 않은 모습을 보여드려야 한다고 생각했으니까요.. 참.. 이게 사람이란게 ‘나는 괜찮겠지’, ‘나을거야’ 라고 마인드 컨트롤을 해봤자 몸이 안따라주면 저의 긍정적인 생각들과는 반비례로 더 아픔을 느끼게 되더라구요 결론은, 저희 Super Junior는 11월 6일에 컴백합니다. 오랜만의 컴백이라 멤버, 팬 모두가 들떠있고.. 저 역시 들떠있었습니다 근데 제가 아마 정상적인 활동을 못할 것 같습니다. 오래 기다려주신 팬분들, 멤버들에게 다시 한번 미안한 마음을 전하지만.. 도저히 자신이 없네요.. 늘 마음 속으로 이런 생각을 했던 저로서는 지금 멤버들, 팬분들을 볼 면목도 없습니다 ‘난 예능에서 열심히 하고 홍보를 해야지!’ 라는 핑계로 이해를 시키고, 용서를 받을 수 있다면 더욱 더 감사한 마음을 갖고 웃고 재활치료를 받으며, 힘을 내도록 하겠습니다 제 이기심이 담긴 긴 글을 읽고 혹시나 불쾌함을 가지실 수도 있는 분들께 사과의 말씀 드리며 글을 마칩니다.. 다들 감기 조심 하시고, 아무리 귀찮더라도 차에 타실 때 안전벨트 착용 부탁드립니다.. 감사합니다

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Heechul has been involved in car accident back in 2006 and recently appeared on ‘life bar’ and talked about how difficult it was to rehearse the choreography for their pending comeback, he said he cried so much because he couldn’t get up from the bed due to the pain in his ankle.

Following his long heartfelt post, SM Entertainment released this response,

“Kim Heechul is planning to participate in Super Junior’s activities as normal, he wrote this post due to worry about his chronic leg pain ahead of the comeback, it has been misinterpreted.”

Super Junior will return on November 6 with their 8th mini album to accommodate their 12th anniversary.

What do you think of what Heechul wrote? What do you think of SM response?

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