CNBLUE’s Lee Jong Hyun Gushes About His Love And Respect For Ji Chang Wook

Lee Jong Hyun has nothing but nice things to say about his good friend Ji Chang Wook who is currently serving the military.

On October 18, Lee Jong Hyun sat down for an interview to talk about his recent drama “Girls’ Generation 1979.”

He was asked about his friend Ji Chang Wook in the interview, Lee Jong Hyun talked about how frequently he contact him, he said,

“He contacts me often in the military, I am always thankful when I receive a letter from him but it also makes me feel sad.”

Lee Jong Hyun and Ji Chang Wook are a part of a friend group that includes Kim Rae Won, FTISLAND’s Choi Jong Hun, Choi Tae Joon, and more, despite the age differences and their backgrounds the friend group are getting along pretty well.

Lee Jong Hyun added,

“Hyung ‘Ji Chang Wook’ is a cool person, I think he’s the nicest person I know, I’ve never stumbled upon anyone who ever said something bad about him. I learn a lot from him.”

Lee Jong Hyun also talked about the acting advice he received from Ji Chang Wook, he said,

“Hyung said ‘once you experience the thrill when people sympathize with your acting, it will become clear why you do it.’ When I read comments on my acting in ‘Girls’ Generation 1979’ I felt that I knew why I had to act.”

He also talked about his thankfulness towards the positive reception of his portrayal to his character in “Girls’ Generation 1979,” he said,

“I learned how to appreciate life through ‘Girls’ Generation 1979’.”

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