Choi Siwon’s Family Dog Revealed To Have Caused The Death Of A Restaurant CEO

Unfortunate news was revealed earlier today.

Back on September 30, the CEO of Hanilkwan passed away, it was revealed that a neighbour dog has been roaming freely without a leash and had bitten her.

The woman passed 6 days after the injury occurred due to sepsis, the dog has been revealed to have been Choi Siwon and his family’s.

Choi Siwon then released a statement to his social media account relying his apology to the family of the deceased, he said,

“This is Choi Siwon. I bow my head in apology to the family of the deceased who have been in a great shock and sorrow right now. I feel so apologetic for the incident which was caused by my family’s dog that I grew up with. I sincerely express my condolences to the deceased and the family.

I feel a great sense of responsibility being a member of the family who raised the dog. I should’ve always kept a close eye at all times, but my carelessness has led to this and I am deeply reflecting on it. I will try my best to prevent this from happening again. I apologize the trouble caused. May she rest in peace.”

We extend our condolences to the family of the deceased, may she rest in peace.

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