BLACKPINK Reveals The List Of All Things They’re Not Allowed To Do Because Of YG Entertainment

BLACKPINK holds nothing in when told to answer this specific question about YG Entertainment.

In a past broadcast, BLACKPINK were a guest on JYP’s Party People. The girls performed some of their best hits and were complimented by JYP for their uniqueness and talent.

JYP had prepared a special gift for them, he wore black and pink to the episode in order to match the episode theme.

He asked them about what kind of thing YG had prohibited them from doing, the girls replied,

“Smoking. Tattoos, dating of course, plastic surgery, clubbing as well.”

They explained that they weren’t allowed to drive because YG was worried about them getting into accidents. Clubbing was also out of the question because it could get them into problems.

Jisoo added, “Basically, everything isn’t allowed.” Which caused the entire audience to burst into laughter.

Later Jennie explained that they can do any of these things only if YG allows them to do. She explained that they’re also adults.

What do you think of what YG bans? Do you think it makes sense?

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