4 Things We Loved About Kim So Hyun’s Cameo In “While You Were Asleep”

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“While You Were Asleep” is on the fast track to become one of our ultimate favorite kdramas of 2017.

The humor, the romance, the thriller and the chemistry made this drama a must-watch. Fans can’t wait for Wednesday and Thursday to come so they can watch their favorite characters come to life again.

The drama is led by Lee Jong Suk and Suzy, but they’re not the only reason we’re tuning in. all the other actors are working so hard as well to give us a great drama.

Kim So Hyun is only one of the A-list stars who are set to make a cameo appearance in “While You Were Asleep.”

She was a part of the successful historical drama “Ruler: Master Of The Mask” earlier this year and is on a roll with her recent cameo in “While You Were Asleep.”

So lets talk about why Kim So Hyun’s cameo appearance wasn’t your average one and why we loved it so much.

  • It wasn’t a mere 2 minutes appearance.

When we usually hear of cameo appearances we don’t count on it too much. Its usually a hot A-list actor or actress that’s supporting a cast member/writer/director by making a cameo appearance.

Their appearances are usually a mere 2 to 5 minutes; they add no significance to the plot on the long run.

This wasn’t the same case with this specific cameo appearance.

Kim So Hyun didn’t only pull out an amazing acting performance but added to the plot. Her appearance along with her mother and father added so much to the plot and the leads of the drama.

She had a story, a background and wasn’t just a passing person or a previous acquaintance of some sort in the drama which we loved so much.

We need more of such cameos.

  • Her back story

To speak in more details of her back-story.

She plays a pianist, a talented high school girl. Her life isn’t what it appears to be. She is an only child and lives through the harsh reality of her father’s abuse towards her poor obedient mother.

Due to various reasons, she isn’t exactly likable or easy to approach. She says the meanest things even when she means no harm. She is a full alive character which we rarely get to see in kdramas.

Because in most cases popular actors and actresses who guest appear on a drama don’t have time to film more than a scene or two, which is why their appearance is usually short.

But for whatever reason (we’re so thankful) Kim So Hyun decided to extend her appearance on the course of 3 episodes.

This was so unexpected and so refreshing to see.

  • Her bickering with Suzy’s character

Hong Joo is a nice character while So Yoon is stiff, tough on the edges and arrogant.

As you’d expect the two didn’t match too well together, but that didn’t mean we didn’t love it.

Their constant bickering reminds us of sisters relationship. Hong Joo didn’t hesitate for a second and offered them a shelter from the abusive father.

In the end they do part ways on good terms, despite their bickering they care for one another.

  • Her chemistry with Seung Won

Another thing we didn’t expect to enjoy so much was the unexpected flourishing romance (or so we’d like to call) between So Yoon and Seung Won.

Seung Won is Jae Chan’s younger savy brother. A polite gentleman who is always there for his friends. Its obvious he likes her more than a friends, and despite the dangerous situation he could’ve put himself into he doesn’t hesitate to help her out.

The two have such good chemistry together we wish they were real.

The way he looked at her and cared for her even gave us all the feels there is.

So Yoon might have left to study abroad but that doesn’t mean we won’t cross our fingers and hope for a reunion in the end of the drama.

That would be so cool, if it actually happened.

So these reasons sum up why we fell in love with Kim So Hyun’s cameo appearance and why it was so much fun to tune in.

“While You Were Asleep” has more up its sleeves and two other very talented actors are also making a cameo appearance.

Lee Sung Kyung and Yoon Gyun Sang will reunite in “While You Were Asleep” in support of PD Oh Choong Hwan, the three worked together on SBS’s “Doctors” back in 2016.

It’d be so cool if their cameo appearance isn’t just 3 minutes. If its similar to what Kim So Hyun did we’d be so happy. (fingers crossed)

So what do you guys think of Kim So Hyun’s cameo appearance? Did you enjoy it as much as we did?

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